Studio Heima is a nordic architecture studio. We design quality architecture: each task is unique and must be handled individually, based on its own prerequisites. We view the environment and architecture as co-dependant and are passionate about creating healthy and sustainable solutions.

Studio Heima is an accredited architecture and interior design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The studio applies meticulous attention to detail, working with sympathetic, honest and robust solutions. Using natural and healthy materials, colours and lighting, the studio creates warm and welcoming atmospheres.

The studio is fascinated by and interested in the people they design for. Through close collaboration with the clients, the studio aims to design personal and robust solutions. It is key to remain honest and transparent throughout the entire design process, regardless of the extent of the project. The studio welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with the clients to bring their vision to life.

Studio Heima consults on all phases of the design, from the first sketch to the finished project.

Building & Landscaping

The studio designs quality architecture: each task is unique and must be handled individually, based on its own prerequisites. At the studio Combining modern construction methods with the wisdom and knowledge of traditional craftsmanship. Utilizing natural, maintainable materials that will age beautifully over time are key focal points in the design process.

The design embraces the context, with an emphasis on the surroundings, landscape, and the staging of the architecture. Landscaping and outdoor areas are contextualized from the start to ensure cohesiveness.

Prizing sympathetic solutions where detailing and materiality are worked with extensively, the studio pays homage to the surrounding space, allowing the designs to take root from a thorough analysis of the site’s characteristics, history, and culture.

Transformation, Restoration & Interiors

The studio has vast knowledge of construction customs and cultural heritage, where everything from valuation and technical advice on construction to detailing of surface treatments, is covered. The studio’s experience with heritage and historic preservation allows it to combine the past and present; respecting the bones of buildings whilst bringing it into a contemporary setting. Utilizing the same care and principles that lie at the heart of restoration and transformation of historical buildings, the studio shows the same care to all of its projects.

The studio utilises a similar approach when working with space planning and interior design. With respect for the existing structure, an analysis of the building’s economical, functional, and aesthetic potential is created and applied. The studio’s skills lay in the ability to translate commercial identities into spatial designs, allowing for a cohesive experience of the brand.

The studio is versed in implementing environmentally-friendly alternatives in interior design, and is fluent in lighting, acoustics, materiality, colours, and furniture selection. Up to date on trend forecasts, the studio’s designs are based on a thorough analytical and research-based approach to each individual task

Strategy & Development

The studio works with the development, planning and strategy of rural and natural areas.. It is specialised in developing strategies and concepts for tourism and culture, especially projects connected to nature. Studio Heima is experienced in development in protected areas and nature reserves, where a humble and careful approach towards nature and landscapes is paramount.

By analysing the defining function, needs, focal points and areas of possible growth, the studio can guide the strategic direction and development of the project. The studio is then able to create a comprehensive strategy that defines the target groups, the branding and identity. Planning and defining the needs of how to expand or what to transform, the studio allows for holistic growth and serves as a bridge between target groups and the experience.


Our design motivation stems from our deep appreciation of nature. We are blessed that we can cultivate our love of nature and the outdoors, both within our private lives and professional practice. Or passion towards the outdoors aids us in successfully combining nature, tourism, and culture. Our aim is to connect people to nature through our approach to design and architecture.

The experience is key, from the overall masterplan to the interior; the studio works strategically across multiple scales, from the micro to the macro. This allows for the creation of a cohesive experience for guests, where the identity and narrative of the place is concise and clear. Creating a “temporary” home during travels is the key to how the studio works within hospitality and tourism. The studio creates unique and profound architecture that is both liveable and functional. Studio Heima has experience designing exclusive and luxurious cabins and holiday homes, as well as B&Bs and hotels.

The studio has worked on an assortment of projects such as nature reserves in Iceland, rural developments on the island of Bornholm, and designed holiday cottages for Destination Vesterhavet


Architecture exists for people. As such, the studio focuses on the human scale, utilizing a holistic approach to architecture. A building shouldn’t just “house” people; it should also generate opportunities for good experiences and foster well-being. The studio focuses on creating architecture that responds both to location and situation; architecture that understands and meets the user’s needs. It’s important to create buildings that have longevity that can serve both current and future generations.


The studio’s designs and architecture are built on an understanding and respect for the environment. The aim is to connect people with the rhythm of nature through architecture and design and increase the individual’s well-being and promote a balanced lifestyle.
Greeting each project with a humble and pragmatic approach allowing a place’s complexities, values, and spirit to shine through the final product. Natural light and colours are incorporated into the studio’s architecture to create comfort and a visual harmony.


Each project has its own unique story and identity and should be an experience for the user. Architecture is storytelling and it is the role of the architect to convey the story of the project. The architect creates tableaus within the story, ensuring the user a versatile experience throughout the structure.
The studio’s design process takes root in the spirit and context of the project and its surroundings. By looking at traditions, working with valuation and analysing the project’s character, the studio can cultivate the natural and cultural layers and incorporate these into the designs.


Studio Heima works with the premise that buildings that “speak to you” have a better chance of being maintained and cared for. We believe good design is part of a sustainable solution; creating enduring buildings that will benefit generations to come.
Studio Heima believes in being honest and transparent throughout the design process, regardless of the project’s scale or type. The studio works with detailing and materiality that celebrates simple design solutions refined through fine craftsmanship. The studio applies rigorous attention to how it selects its materials and honours them for what they are, allowing them to work to their best ability. Key to the process is that the client understands what they are getting, as well as receive robust and durable solutions that are maintainable.


Healthy construction starts with the use of good, healthy, and natural materials. This helps shield the environment whilst creating a healthy indoor climate.
The studio is passionate about creating healthy solutions and works towards reducing CO2 in its designs. It aims to use natural and organic materials throughout the entire construction. Utilising a pragmatic approach, the studio integrates natural materials where feasible to the project, be it on the smaller or larger scale.
By strategically using materials, light and colour, the studio creates liveable spaces, working within both mental and physical areas of health