Colours and Paint

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Heima Workshops

Learning is a life-long endeavour. Through our Heima Workshops, we’re able to explore and educate not just ourselves, but also impart and share our knowledge. We created these workshops to meet the needs we saw emerging for both homeowners and other professionals who were looking to expand their knowledge within the fields of colours and paints. Our workshops cover an assortment of topics and are constantly expanding to meet and explore new needs and ideas. We cover everything from colour …

Heima Workshops

Colours & Paint

The world is saturated in colour, and it affects how people interact with their environment and each other. Colour has the ability to affect the way people think, feel and work. It can change moods, desires, and impact how we experience design, products, and brands. Certain palettes are associated with different seasons or decades, and we instinctually connect these to memories.

The studio has expertise with working with creating atmosphere, mood and comfort through colour and tone. By combining colour and material, the studio can recreate the dynamics of nature within the structure, allowing the human eye to feast on visually compelling material without stressing it.
Though white is often the most chosen “colour” for interiors, research shows that it is the harshest colour for the eye to interact with. The studio utilizes its vast knowledge and background to create rooms that soothe the eye, even when bright or complex colours are utilized, so as to create nurturing spaces for people.

Additionally, the studio is knowledgeable on paint and works with the client to create the most optimal indoor climate by sourcing products that are hypoallergic and safe. With its large library of products and materials, the studio can guide and advise on matters pertaining to texture, tone, climate, and atmosphere.

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